Ocean County Police Chiefs Association

PoliceApp has partnered with the Ocean County Police Chiefs Association (OCPCA) to offer regionalized testing and recruitment.  The Ocean County Police Academy Alternate Route Certification Program will use this exam for its entrance process. Additionally, 22 Ocean County Police Departments will use this exam to fill  vacancies for SLEO 1 & 2 and full time positions.   Please see participating agencies at the bottom of this registration page. All agencies are Equal Opportunity Employers.

How It Works

Results will be accepted by 23 agencies!

Your twelve-month application eligibility period begins on January 1, 2018. During this 12-month period, you may apply for any position advertised by a department participating in the OCPCA program, provided you meet that department’s minimum score requirements, as well as any other department-specific prerequisites.

Only those applicants who pass the written examination will continue on to the Physical Assessment portion of the exam.  The Physical Assessment will be held after the wrritten exam at a later date and time.  

Upcoming Exam

TestOcean County, NJ Police Officer Exam
LocationToms River, NJ
Time9:00 am
Deadline11/20/2017    11:59 PM (Eastern) or when the capacity has been met.

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A single application fee covers your fee for a standardized written exam, physical assessment. 


Neither OCPCA nor PoliceApp can control how many departments will recruit over the course of any given twelve-month period. A minimum number of open positions cannot be guaranteed. Each department is responsible for its own hiring standards, prerequisites, and hiring timeline. All agencies are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Participating Departments

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