Ship Bottom Police Department

Chief Paul F. Sharkey
Address 1621 Long Beach Blvd
Ship Bottom NJ 08008
Phone (609) 494-1518


The Ship Bottom Police Department recognizes the need to maintain a strict code of ethics. These values that guide this organization provide the basis for our decisions.

INTEGRITY – We have pride in what we do and are guided by honesty and moral courage.

FAIRNESS – We are fair. We treat the community with respect in a consistent manner. We are firm in the enforcement and the upholding of the laws by treating all with respect.

CARING – We care. We listen with respect and act with compassion.

TEAMWORK – We work in a partnership with the community to gain a mutual respect of one another. Together we will provide an efficient and effective quality service through cooperation, problem solving and personal accountability.
Paul F. Sharkey
Chief of Police

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