Brick Township Police Department

Chief James Riccio
Address 401 Chambers Bridge Road
Brick Township NJ 08723
Phone 732-262-1100



The mission of the Brick Township Police Department is to protect life and property and to ensure the safety of the people we serve. To reduce crime and enhance the quality of life in our community by providing professional police service with courtesy, integrity and with respect for our citizens and for all those who visit our community.



The Operations Division is the largest division and the core of the Brick Township Police Department. The division is staffed with one Captain and two Lieutenants and is comprised of an “A” side and “B” side schedule and five shifts.


The Patrol Bureau consists of five shifts. There are two Lieutenants and eighteen Sergeants. Each shift is under the supervision of one Lieutenant. Each shift is divided into squads that are supervised by a Sergeant. Manpower varies on each shift as demand requires. These officers are the department’s front line in the fight against crime. They provide service and protection to all of our residents and visitors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Some of the responsibilities within the Patrol Bureau are to respond to and conduct investigations into criminal activities such as burglaries, robberies, homicides, stolen motor vehicles, arson, narcotics violations, explosive threats, disorderly persons, etc. The Patrol Bureau also handles vehicle related events including accident investigations, motor vehicle complaints, parking complaints, traffic enforcement as well as a myriad of other functions including but not limited to medical emergencies, fire calls, animal complaints, loud parties, emotionally disturbed persons, court security, etc.

Specialized Units

The following specialized units are also part of the Operations Division:

Bicycle Patrol – the Bicycle Patrol’s function is to be used for targeted patrol and special events to provide a more mobile and visible police presence.

Marine Patrol – the Marine Patrol’s function is to provide a visible presence and enforce laws on waterways, and to respond to emergency situations and pollution protection.

Honor Guard – the Honor Guard unit performs ceremonial duties at funerals and special events. The unit is staffed by a Sergeant and officers from various divisions of the police department.

Special Operations Bureau

The Special Operations Bureau is the liaison for the department with the Ocean County Domestic Violence Unit and the Brick Township Municipal Court. It also coordinates the Field Training Officer Program and assists with Special Event/Projects Planning.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is also part of the Operations Division and specifically supervised by Lieutenant Paul Catalina. Currently there are four K-9 Officers. Their function is to provide trained K-9 teams to assist in the prevention and detection of crime, the tracking and searching for wanted/missing persons who are sought by the police, bomb detection and other such duties that may be directed by the Watch

Special Emergency Response Team (SERT)

The Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) is comprised of specially trained personnel to provide tactical response to hostage situations, barricaded persons, sniper and terrorism incidents, crowd control during major disturbances or riots and work to resolve tense and often volatile standoffs without loss of life.


The goal of the Brick Police Department Recruitment Plan is to attract qualified individuals to pursue a career with the Brick Police Department. The objective is to achieve an overall racial and gender composition of the department in comparison to the service population of the Township through the departments recruiting activities This agency will make a good faith effort to meet specific goals for recruiting a diverse workforce, in terms of people of color and gender diversity. The goals and objectives will be accomplished through various recruitment activities listed in the Recruitment Activities section of this plan.


Brick Township has a residency preference in all hiring matters. Applicants must be a bonafide resident of Brick at the time of the closing date of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission Law Enforcement Officer Test. Once Brick residents have been exhausted from the Civil Service Certification List, Ocean County residents are then provided with preference. If the Ocean County list is exhausted, applications will be open to residents of the State of New Jersey. The Chief of Police or designee is responsible for the Recruitment Plan.

Brick Township is an equal opportunity employer in all facets of the personnel process.

Starting Salary and Benefits Include:

  • Paid police academy training and competitive salary
  • 12 days vacation
  • 8 personal days
  • 120 hours of sick time
  • Educational Benefits
  • Medical, Dental, Prescription and Vision Plans
  • Union membership into PBA Local 230
  • Most of all…………The opportunity to make a difference!


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