Fair Haven Police Department

Chief Joseph McGovern
Address 35 Fisk Street
Fair Haven NJ 07704
Phone (732) 747-0992
Website https://www.fairhavennj.org/police-department



Mission Statement

The mission of the Fair Haven Police Department is to serve and protect our community with respect, fairness, compassion and commitment to individual rights. We are an organization of professionals committed to providing the highest level of police services in a sensitive and positive manner to all, regardless of race, creed or lifestyle.

We will strive to provide the highest quality of service through active partnerships, community problem solving, and prevention of crime. We will anticipate and respond to the ever-changing needs of our community to preserve and enhance the “small-town charm” that Fair Haven possesses.

The badge is a symbol of public trust and we wear ours with great pride.





These are key words that we, as a Department, strive for each day as we carry out our mission.


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