CHIP Physical Ability Assessment

CHIP administers the Police Physical Ability Assessment for over 60 Connecticut police agencies. Upon successful completion of the assessment, candidates receive a CHIP card. Cards are valid for a 6-month period and accepted by participating departments.

Each participating department is responsible for establishing what CHIP test dates or CHIP card expiration dates are acceptable for their hiring process. It is an applicant’s responsibility to identify this date and determine when or if they need to take the CHIP test. Read the Assessment FAQs »

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Signing up for the CHIP Assessment

STEP 1: Print and complete all forms. The Medical Approval Form must be signed, stamped, and dated by your doctor. Next complete the registration form. Make sure that you neatly print all information.

STEP 2: Mail all forms. Mail the Medical Approval Form and Registration Form with a $65.00 money order or certified bank check (non-refundable) to: C.H.I.P. PO Box 774, Meriden, CT 06450.

STEP 3: Call CHIP. Three days after mailing your forms, call CHIP to receive your assessment time and details. The phone number is 203-235-5865.

CHIP Schedule

Each department that participates in the CHIP program determines a cutoff date for their hiring process. This is the date by which an applicant must have a current CHIP card. It is the applicant’s responsibility to sign up for a CHIP test that will allow you to meet that date. Assessment dates and locations are available on CHIP tests are offered on a monthly basis and registration forms must be postmarked one week prior to the assessment date in order to meet the registration deadline.

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