Warren Police Department

Chief Roy Borges
Address 1 Joyce Street
Warren RI 02885
Phone 401-245-1311
Website http://www.warrenripolice.com/

Mission Statement

We, the Warren Police Department, exist to fairly, compassionately and respectfully serve all the people in the community. We will strive to engage in:

  • I. Crime prevention, reduction, suppression and criminal apprehension
  • II. Protection of individual liberties and the reduction of fear
  • III. Reduction of personal injury and property loss through traffic collisions
  • IV. Provision of social services and improvement of the quality of life

The members of the Police Department shall remain sensitive to the needs and priorities of the people and always be cognizant that we are here to protect and serve.


The strategic plan of the Warren Police Department will be built upon
the organization's intrinsic values. Our intention is to be driven by these values,
we pledge to reflect them in all that we do.

Maintaining Citizen's Trust
We are men and women of integrity, honest and open to the public.
We encourage and nurture cooperation with the community.
We believe that all members of the community have a right to
courteous and responsive police service.

Constitutional Values of Democracy
We believe that all citizens have the right to dignity and respect.
We guarantee fair and equal treatment of all citizens.
We believe in and are sworn to uphold the rights of all citizens
as provided for by the Constitutions of the United States and
the State of Rhode Island.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of integrity in
our chosen profession.
We will strive to display exemplary behavior both on and off-duty.
We are proud of the Warren Police Department and will treat each
other with fairness and respect.

The members of this command acknowledge that a violation of integrity is a serious breach of our values and will be cause for disciplinary action. Violation of professionalism is unacceptable and subject to remedial action and/or discipline.
We recognize our individual responsibility to intervene and report misconduct of others, placing the interests of the citizens of the Town of Warren and the Warren Police Department above individual interests.

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