Weston Police Department

Chief Edwin Henion
Address 56 Norfield Road
Weston CT 06883
Phone 203-222-2600
Fax 203-222-2629
Website https://www.westonct.gov/government/municipal-departments/police-department

Weston Police Department

The Weston Police Department employs 17 sworn officers, including a Chief, Captain, 3 Sergeants, Detective, 2 SRO’s and 9 patrol officers. The Weston Police Department offers generous salary and benefits. Salary Range of $73,086 to $124,351 depending on Grade and rank as defined in the collective bargaining agreement. The Town of Weston Police Department contributes to and is part of the CMERS pension system

Mission Statement

At the Town of Weston CT Police Department, our mission is to serve and protect with unwavering dedication, integrity, and compassion. Rooted in the principles of community-oriented policing, we are committed to fostering trust, collaboration, and mutual respect between law enforcement and the diverse community we serve.

About Us

Founded in October 1787, Weston is a residential community in Southwestern Connecticut (about 45 miles from New York City) with a population of approximately 10,150 residents. Weston features two acre property zoning, minimal commercial development, an award-winning and high-performing educational system, a vibrant arts community, and an abundance of natural open spaces.

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