South River Police Department

Chief Mark E. Tinitigan
Address 61 Main Street
South River NJ 08882
Phone 732-238-1000

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
South River - Certified Police Officer $57,641 to $147,655 July 12, 2024


The mission of the South River Police Department is to provide professional and effective law enforcement services to the community that we serve. We are also committed to serving and protecting all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness, compassion and without bias. We will accomplish this mission by building problem-solving partnerships with our citizens in order to prevent crime and enhance the quality of life throughout the community in a manner that will reflect a most positive image of our Borough and department.



To achieve our mission, the South River Police Department must identify the core values which give ideals to the morals and ethics of the position we hold true and faithful. Those values are duty, honor, courage, respect and the constant pursuit of excellence. We must hold these values as evidence that we will perform to the highest standards of morals and ethics to ensure our integrity as a professional law enforcement agency.

Duty - The moral commitment to a cause without considering one’s own self-interests; 

Honor - Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions. The adherence to a strict ethical code driven by personal pride, honesty and dedication to duty;

Courage - A commitment to accept responsibility and accountability for our actions and decisions as well as possess a quality of spirit that enables us to confront danger, fear or difficulty with resolve and bravery;

Respect - A willingness to treat all persons with an unbiased decency and fairness while guaranteeing to uphold the principles and values guided by the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey.

The Pursuit of Excellence – The commitment to strive for higher levels of performance through self assessment and continual improvement in the ways in which we provide law enforcement services to the community that we serve.
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