Quarryville Borough Police Department

Chief Kenneth Work
Address 300 Saint Catherine
Quarryville PA 17566
Phone 717-786-2404
Fax 717-786-0154
Website http://quarryvilleborough.com/services/police/





The Quarryville Borough Police Department is located in the Municipal Building at 300 Saint Catherine Street, Quarryville PA. The police departments is responsible for providing protection to all persons and property in Quarryville Borough.

The Police Department also provides limited police services through “Agreements” to East Drumore Township for the “TownsEdge Shopping Center”.

Police Chief Kenneth Work and the Borough Police Force, which includes three full time police officers, Chris Dilworth, Charles Grimasuckas and Cheryl Thompson. Part time officers, Rich Buck, Ken Crouse, and Mike Polaski.



Quarryville was first founded in 1791 with “Quarryville Borough” being formally incorporated in 1892. The Borough was named for the noted stone “quarries” located here. Additional historical information is available under the Quarryville History tab.

The Borough’s geographical area is approximately one square mile, and as of the 2010 census, the current population is 2,576. The Borough is bordered by Eden Township, East Drumore Township and Providence Township.
Quarryville Borough provides police protection, street maintenance, community parks, along with water and sewer utility services.

Please contact the Borough office at 717-786-2404 if you have any questions or need information regarding Borough services.


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