Frequently Asked Questions-Bucks County Chiefs of Police Testing Consortium

What is a Consortium?

Together, the Bucks County Chiefs of Police Association and its members participate together in a testing consortium that pools its resources to test for those interested in becoming a municipal police officer. Applicants must complete and pass a Physical Fitness test and written test in order to be added to the final listing of interested applicants.

Do I have to be a resident of PA to participate in the examination? 

No, you don't have to be a resident of PA to sit for the examination, however some of the participating hiring departments may require that you are a resident at the time of appointment. 


How often is the Consortium conducted?

Currently, the Bucks County Chiefs of Police Testing Consortium is held semi-annually.

How is payment made to participate in the Consortium?

Payments must be made online directly through when registering to participate in the Consortium.

Why should I participate in the Consortium?

By participating in the testing consortium and passing, your name will be forwarded to all participating agencies who are interested in hiring officers rather than just a single agency, therefore making it easier for applicants to get hired.

How many departments are hiring?

It is unknown how many departments will be hiring from this consortium process as some may only need to update a valid list to use should they need to hire, while others need to fill spots.

What exactly happens in the Consortium Process?

1. Applicants are asked to complete the online preliminary questionnaire and submit the testing fee. 

2. Physical agility test will be completed first.  Any one not successfully completing the physical agility test will not be permitted to continue with the testing process. A notarized Personal Injury Waiver must be presented the day of testing.  Any applicant without a properly notarized waiver at the time of registration will NOT be permitted to participate in the test and application fee will NOT be returned.

3. Upon passing the Physical Fitness test, you will be eligible to participate in the Written Exam, which will take place the same day following the physical agility. 

4. Notification of your written test results will be given through the website in which 

you registered to participate. The Consortium results are then passed to each participating department for further processing. 

5. From that point on, it’s all up to the individual departments on how they move forward. Each will have their own unique timeline and process and will get in touch with the candidates on their list once they begin processing it. Any additional evaluation process will be coordinated by the individual departments (i.e. – departmental applications, physicals, interviews, polygraphs, etc.) (These tests, do not take place of any physical fitness or reading test given to obtain acceptance into any Act 120 program.)


Do you have make up days for the Physical Fitness Test?

No makeup days are available for those who may miss the test due to the scheduling of facilities months in advance to hold the testing process. 

What are the requirements for the Physical Fitness Test?

The Physical Fitness Test is a specific battery of tests that applicants must be able to pass. Click HERE to download a copy of the Fitness Test Standards. 

What happens if I fail the Physical Fitness Test?

If any portion of the Physical Fitness Test is failed, the applicant is no longer able to move forward in the process and would need to begin the process over the following year.

How will I be notified of my written exam score?

 Once all test results are received, every applicant who takes the written exam will be notified by email through of their written test results within approximately 2 weeks.

What happens if I fail the Written Exam?

If your exam score falls below the cutoff (which varies by agency) you are no longer able to move forward in the consortium process and would need to begin the process over the following year.

How should I prepare for the written test?

The written test is designed to measure basic skills, reading, writing and arithmetic that are important for successfully learning and performing an entry-level, law enforcement position.


What is Act 120?

Under Pennsylvania ACT 120, any person employed as a municipal police officer in the Commonwealth is required to have successfully completed a 919 hour course of instruction covering all areas of police work. All applicants, whether in-service or preservice, must comply with all MPOETC regulations and application procedures. Each applicant must successfully complete the Nelson-Denny Reading test and achieve a minimum score in the 30th percentile on the required MPOETC Fitness Standards Test. Additional information regarding the MPOETC Fitness Standards can be viewed by visiting: Police-Officer-Training.aspx

Is it beneficial that I have my Act 120 Certification?

Yes, while some municipalities may pay for you to attend the Police Academy, others may require that you already be certified before moving through their individual hiring process. Certification is not a requirement to participate in the consortium.

I submitted the application and fee but can no longer attend the testing, can I receive a refund?

Unfortunately all payments are non-refundable once your application has been submitted.

Will my criminal history preclude me from employment?

Please refer to the Municipal Police Officer Education Training Commission (MPOETC) standards online for disqualifications. 

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