What are the requirements for the Physical Fitness Assessment?

Applicants for the position of “Police Officer” must demonstrate a fitness level that would allow them to perform the essential job functions of a police officer. Applicants must perform each of the following exercises in accordance with the indicated standards. If an applicant fails one event, they fail the entire test and will not advance to the written test.

1. Vertical Jump – 15.5 inches

2. Sit-ups – 30 correct sit-ups must be performed to pass this test.

3. Push-ups - 25 correct push-ups must be performed to pass this test.

4. 300 Meter Run - Applicant will run 300 meters on a level surface within 66 seconds.

5. 1.5 Mile Run - Applicant will run a level 1.5 mile course within 15 minutes 54 seconds.

This test battery uses the National Law Enforcement Test Battery, which has proven validity and safety. This battery of events is also known as the Cooper test, and is used in several hundred law enforcement agencies nationwide. The events chosen have undergone court scrutiny and are accepted as being job related and construct valid.

Is the fitness test pass/fail?

Yes. You must pass all five (5) tests in order to take the written exam.

Do you have make-up days for fitness test and written exam?

No. We have to schedule the facilities months in advance to hold the testing processes.

Do I need to be Act 120 certified to apply?

No. Some departments may send you to Act 120 training but some departments may require you to have it.

How many departments are hiring?

Unknown. We do not make it a requirement for them to advise us because some departments are just updating their hiring lists while others are looking to hire.

How many people will get hired from the list?

Unknown. That depends upon the department’s needs, whether they are just adding staff or replacing someone who is retiring.

Can I change my time for physical testing?

Please plan your availability . PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR E-MAIL AND ASK. We have numerous applications to process and to change assigned times can’t be done without changing other applicant’s times.

Can I pick the physical fitness time of testing?

No. However we start testing in the early morning in 2 hour blocks of time. The earlier you apply, the better your chances for an early start time.

Will my criminal history preclude me from employment?

Please refer to the Municipal Police Officer Education Training Commission (MPOETC) standards online for disqualifications.

What are the essential duties of a police officer?

Please refer to the Municipal Police Officer Education Training Commission (MPOETC) website for those standards.



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