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What can I do to prepare myself for the LCCPA Police Officer Exam?

At the very least, entry-level police tests examine your critical thinking ability, reasoning, ethics, basic math skills, ability to separate the important from the unimportant, common sense, grammar, and reading comprehension.

Ways to prepare to become a police officer:

  • Attend college and enroll in a Criminal Justice program. Among other things, this will help you with your test-taking skills.
  • Complete an internship with a police department.
  • Volunteer your time with a police explorer or similar program.
  • Become bilingual.
  • Purchase textbooks that offer entry-level examinations and an analysis of what the correct answers are and why.
  • Become an avid reader to increase your reading comprehension skills.
  • Join a gym and get in top physical and cardiovascular condition.
  • Get CPR certified.
  • Practice your oral and written communication skills
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