Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Reese
Address 50 North Duke Street
Lancaster PA 17608
Phone 717-299-8200

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
Lancaster County Sheriff's Office - Police Officer July 20, 2024



Our Mission

The mission of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is to assure a safe environment for our community and an excellent quality of life. We provide a substantial level of services directed in a courteous and respectful manner for the protection of lives, property, and civil rights of all our citizens and visitors.

Our Duties

 Serve most original process in civil matters and obtain personal jurisdiction for the court.

 Provide Security/Protection to the Court of Common Pleas and the Lancaster County Courthouse

 Convey/transport prisoners to and from court and state prisons

 Provide a K-9 explosive detection unit for use in all areas of the county

 Assist all other law-enforcement agencies as they may be needed.

 Serve Protection from Abuse Orders

 Serve and make arrests for outstanding bench warrants

 Conduct investigations into and issue concealed weapons permits and licenses to sell firearms

 Conduct judicial sales of real and personal property, and determine property ownership





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