East Hempfield Township Police

Chief Jennifer Brubaker
Address 1700 Nissley Road
Landsville PA 17538
Phone (717) 898-3103
Website http://www.easthempfield.org/

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East Hempfield Township Police - Police Officer July 20, 2024



With a current population in excess of 26,000, East Hempfield Township is the third most populous of Lancaster County’s sixty municipalities. The 21 square miles of the Township is situated in the central portion of the County, west of Lancaster City. Our jurisdiction is a rich mixture of suburban, agricultural, industrial and retail space. Major highway routes that pass through the Township include US 30 and State Route 283. The Township has a large number of medical facilities, including (2) hospitals. Major companies that maintain facilities in the Township include, among others, The Kellogg Company, The Hershey Company (Y&S Candies), and Penn Medicine. The residents of East Hempfield Township enjoy a safe community with a low rate of serious crime. Our police department is a community-oriented agency that pro-actively engages with our residents, visitors and businesses. We strive for excellence, and embrace the philosophies and technology of modern policing.

Under the command of the Chief of Police, the police department is divided into two Divisions, each under the direction of a Lieutenant: the Patrol Operations Division, and the Support Services Division.

The Patrol Operations Division is responsible for primary service delivery through the Division’s four uniformed platoons. The platoons consist of five or six Officers supervised by a Sergeant/OIC.  The platoon personnel work a rotating twelve-hour shift.  Officers work 2 to 3 twelve-hour days and then have two to three days off. Included in the uniformed platoons, are the K9 officer, bike patrol officers, motor carrier safety officer, and SERT officers. These “specialty” assignments are ancillary and in addition to normal patrol duties.

The Support Services Division includes the Criminal Investigation Unit (Detectives), and Records Staff. Additionally, an Administrative Sergeant and a School Resource Officer are included in the Division.

The Criminal Investigation Unit is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes committed in East Hempfield Township.  The Unit is comprised of a Sergeant and three Detectives. The primary function of the Detective is to apprehend those offenders who escape arrest by the Patrol Division.  Although our Detectives are considered to be “generalists” and cases are assigned on an equitable basis, certain crimes are assigned to Detectives who specialize in specific areas. One of the Detectives is assigned to the Lancaster County Drug Task Force on a full-time basis.

In addition to maintaining criminal history information, the Records Staff maintains offense and accident reports, traffic citations, parking tickets and compiles the statistical information reported under the Uniform Crime Report. Staff also performs data entry and dispatching duties.

The Administrative Sergeant is in charge of, among other things, maintaining accreditation standards. The department is accredited through the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association Accreditation Program.

The School Resource Officer is assigned to Hempfield High School.


The main goal of the police department is to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for all East Hempfield Township's citizens. We strive to accomplish this goal through proactive community programs designed to prevent crime as well as efficient, thorough investigations of crimes committed.


The mission of the East Hempfield Township Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our township by taking P.R.I.D.E. in our partnership with the community in working toward the goal of providing a safe and secure environment by enforcing the laws, deterring crime, preserving the peace, and reducing fear.


  • PRIDE- We are committed to conducting ourselves in a manner that brings honor to ourselves, the department, the profession, and the township.
  • RESPECT-We are committed to respecting the individual rights, human dignity, and the values of all members of the community and the department.
  • INTEGRITY-We are committed to maintaining the public trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.
  • DEDICATION-We are committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service to the community with the goal of enhancing the quality of life within East Hempfield Township.
  • EXCELLENCE-We are committed to the highest standards of excellence achieved through on-going education, training, and the use of modern police equipment and techniques.
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