Morris County Park Police

Chief Gabe DiPietro
Address 300 Mendham Road
Morris Township NJ 07960
Phone 673-326-7600


The Morris County Park Police Department is comprised of thirty officers and is unique in that we have countywide jurisdiction and are the primary police service for the Morris County Park Commission, the largest county park system in New Jersey, which covers 30 square-miles that 3.5 million people visit every year. We also employ several specialty units to provide the most efficient and beneficial law enforcement and emergency services to the citizens and visitors of Morris County:


Uniformed vehicular patrol is the primary function of the Morris County Park Police Department, so every Officer is first assigned to, and always considered part of, the Patrol Unit, which is under the supervision of Lt. Christopher List. Both four-wheel drive S.U.V.s and sedans are utilized for this function. Patrol vehicles are equipped with Panasonic Toughbook mobile computer systems, radars (including LiDAR for some), mobile video recorders (M.V.R.), radio communication systems capable of communicating with all Morris County Law Enforcement agencies, Lo-Jack systems, etc


Four Detectives comprise the Detective Bureau, one assigned to each patrol squad, under the supervision of Det. Lt. Steven Ferraioli. Detectives investigate crimes and offenses, conduct follow-up investigations as needed, and provide support services to the Patrol Unit, including the collecting and logging of evidence and property. Pro-active investigations, such as plainclothes narcotics enforcement, are also conducted. Detectives also perform background investigations on all police officer recruits and for Alternate Route candidates at the Morris County Police Academy. Detectives are also assigned to many administrative functions: discovery requests from court, expungements, O.P.R.A. requests, police report releases, public affairs and information duties, internal affairs investigations, Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) function, etc.


Many Officers are also members of the A.T.V. Unit, which is under the supervision of Sgt. Jason Parrillo. We maintain four A.T.V.s that are used for search and rescue operations, special events, and patrol of areas inaccessible by other police vehicles. Three A.T.V. Unit members are also certified instructors.


Four Officers are also members of the Motor Unit, which is under the supervision of Sgt. Eric Huffert. We maintain two Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King Police motorcycles that are used for patrol, special events, and ceremonial events.


Six Officers are also members of the Mounted Unit, which is under the supervision of Sgt. Robert Kranz. We maintain four horses that are used for special events, ceremonial events, and patrol functions.


Two Officers are also members of the Bicycle Unit, which is under the supervision of Cpl. Christopher Cole. We maintain two all-terrain bicycles that are used for patrol, community policing, and special events.


Six Officers are also members of the Marine Unit, which is under the supervision of Sgt. Robert Kranz. We maintain one police boat that is utilized to patrol Lake Hopatcong during seasonal times.


Five Officers are also members or the Disaster Response Team, which is under the supervision of Sgt. Robert Kranz. We maintain several all-terrain vehicles and equipment acquired from the U.S. Military at little or no cost, that can be used during or after natural or man-made disasters, or other catastrophes.


Several Officers are also members of the Morris County Search and Rescue Team, which works in conjunction with members of the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. Members are specially trained and experienced in searching for missing or lost persons and/or rescuing lost or injured persons, oftentimes in remote, inaccessible, or treacherous areas.

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