Lancaster City Police Department

Chief Jarrad Berkihiser
Address 39 West Chestnut Street
Lancaster PA 17603
Phone (717) 735-3300



Our sworn and civilian employees are devoted to serving the diverse communities of Lancaster. The mission of the Lancaster Bureau of Police is to provide outstanding service with professionalism and integrity. Our motto is straightforward: Duty, honor, courage and commitment.

Our success can only be measured by the level of confidence and support that we receive from Lancaster's proud citizens. This can only happen when all residents obtain a decent quality of life.


The mission of the Lancaster Bureau of Police is to provide outstanding service with professionalism and integrity.

Our commitment includes:

  • Maintaining peace and order by enforcing the law with fairness and equality
  • Recognizing and being sensitive to the diverse cultural and ethnic composition of our community\
  • Working collaboratively with our community to seek solutions to the problems that cause crime
  • Striving for excellence through education and training
  • Taking pride in ourselves, our organization, and our community



Patrol Officers are assigned to each platoon. Three Street Sergeants and one Desk Sergeant supervise these officers. Several Patrol Officers on each platoon are designated as Field Training Officers with the responsibility of providing essential practical experience and training to newly hired officers. The Police Bureau currently has four K-9 Teams, a Mounted Horse Unit, and Selective Enforcement which concentrates on street crime, street level drug investigations, and prostitution.  Officers on platoons are permanently assigned to Neighborhood Policing Sectors and work permanent 12 hour shifts.  The Bureau also has officers assigned to the county Special Emergency Response Team as Crisis Negotiators and Tactical Officers.  

Criminal Investigative

The Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for investigating serious crimes that occur. CID is broken down into three detailed sections: Violent Crime, Property Crime and Special Victims. Each unit is responsible for the investigation and clearance of certain types of crime.  The Bureau also has several detectives assigned to FBI task forces.  

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division provides administrative support services to the other two Bureau divisions and is responsible for the Records Section, the Jail and Communications Section, the Training Section, and the Office of Professional Standards. In addition, this division is responsible for the Bureau computer network.


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