Hendricks County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jack Sadler
Address 189 East Campus Blvd
Danville IN 46122
Phone 317-745-6269
Website https://www.co.hendricks.in.us/department/index.php?structureid=59

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
Hendricks County Sheriff's Office - Merit Deputy Probationary Salary (one year) $69,769 | Merit Deputy Salary $73,441 September 30, 2024
Hendricks County Sheriff's Office - Jail Deputy $26.51/ hourly August 03, 2024


Investigations Division

Captain Fulwider and Lieutenant Tyree head the Investigations Division. There are six detectives, two evidence technicians and an administrative assistant assigned to the division.

The Investigations Division works all types of crimes; theft, burglary, homicide, battery, criminal mischief, drug enforcement, sexual crimes, fraud, harassing communications and juvenile matters. The Investigations Division follows up on reports taken by the uniform division. The investigations division is also responsible for maintaining and registering the county’s convicted sex offenders.

Lieutenant Deckard is the ILEA certified evidence technician / crime scene investigator. The crime scene investigator photographs the crime scene and gathers evidence at the crime scene. The evidence technicians are also responsible for the daily operation of the property room.


Uniform Division

Captain Yetter is the Commander of the Uniform Division. There are 43 merit deputies currently assigned to this division.

The primary role of the Uniform Division is one of pro-active patrol for crime prevention. Uniform deputies are first responders to all reported criminal activities, ranging from calls that may be as simple as theft and trespassing runs to major events such as murder, suicide, rape and child molestation. Because of the varied nature of their responsibilities, they must be proficient in many areas of investigation. It is the policy of the Division to provide in-service training as time and staffing permit.

In addition to responding to reports of criminal activity, deputies also are required to investigate all traffic crashes where there is a reported injury or where property damage totals more than $1,000. A two man “Accident Reconstruction Team” from the Division is called on to investigate all fatality crashes.

Another specialized unit within the Division is K-9. Four deputies are trained in handling the Department’s four dogs. These animals are trained in search, apprehension, and drug recognition methods. They are often called upon to search for suspects who have fled on foot from crime scenes as well as to perform searches of vehicles and homes where suspected controlled substances may be hidden. They are also utilized to locate small children or the impaired elderly who have wandered away from their residences.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) consists of the Team Commander, Entry Team Leader & Team members, Medic, Sniper, and Negotiators. This unit is called upon to perform high risk warrant service, barricaded suspect situations and hostage taking scenarios. The goal of this unit is always the peaceful resolution to the situation. This team is equipped with specialized lethal and non-lethal weapons.


Jail Division

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Hendricks County Jail to provide a safe, secure and constitutional detention facility in the most respectful, professional and fiscally responsible manner possible.

Captain Josh Watts is the commander of the Jail Division. There are currently 53 jail deputies assigned to the Division.  All jail deputies are vested with the necessary special deputy powers to enforce the provisions of state law, pursuant to Indiana Code 36-8-10-6, and to perform all other duties imposed upon them by the Sheriff of Hendricks County, Indiana.  The division operates within the newly built, state of the art Hendricks County Jail.

The Jail Division is responsible for the safety and security of the jail and its inmate population.  Jail deputies ensure the safe, secure, and humane custody of all individuals legally detained while awaiting the conclusion of their criminal proceedings.

 The Jail Division is responsible for all inmate transports, in and out of state, and operates a transport unit within the Division. Another specialized unit within the Division is the special response team (SRT).  The SRT is a rapid-response team of specially trained jail deputies who respond to incidents in the jail, including but not limited to, housing disruptions and group demonstrations within the facility, violent offenders, cell extractions, contraband location, and mass searches.  The SRT is equipped with non-lethal weapons and enters every incident with the goal of resolving each situation using the least amount of force necessary.

The jail division provides deputies with opportunities for promotion, along with yearly in-service training and additional training options to support ongoing professional growth and certification.

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