Fruitland Police Department

Chief Brian Swafford
Address 208 South Division
Fruitland MD 21826
Phone 410-548-2804




Ethics - We as members of law enforcement believe that personal and professional integrity is the foundation of public trust. Our conduct will always reflect a personal commitment to the highest ethical standards.

Community - We believe in building a partnership with the community we serve to identify, analyze and respond to the underlying circumstances which precipitate crime and social disorder. We approach problems by developing a response that relies on both traditional and non-traditional police problem-solving methods. We recognize that traditional American community values are those on which our organizational values are based.

Service - Service is what we provide. Our approach to service should be one of the highest quality, promptness, courtesy, and understanding to the community we serve. Quality service is achieved only when an organization is receptive to new ideas, adaptable to change and continually seeking a better way to get the job done.

Open Communication - We encourage open, honest communication within our department and with the public. We believe in a work environment that encourages innovation, flexibility and productivity with managers supporting and facilitating the process.


  • PROTECTING life and property
  • ENFORCEMENT of criminal and civil laws
  • IMPROVING the quality of life for all people

Our dedication is reflected in our ability to attempt to provide a safe and secure community. We accept the responsibility in our attitude and work performance to provide the leadership and professional support required to keep the peace.


Our agency is a full-service law enforcement agency which provides service 24 hours a day, seven days per week. It is comprised of 20 sworn police officers including the Chief of Police and two civilian employees. The Fruitland Police Department handles all aspects of traffic and criminal investigation, community policing, crime prevention and a vast array of other services.

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