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Job Overview

Department Londonderry Police Department
Job TitlePublic Safety IT Coordinator
Registration Fee$20.00
Location Londonderry, NH

Job Announcement

Londonderry Police Department, NH Police Jobs



Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)


$54,184.00 to $75,816.00

Work Hours:

Assigned to a forty (40)-hour work week, generally Monday-Fridays, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, with additional hours as may be required.


  • Public Safety IT Coordinator is directly responsible to the Services Bureau Lieutenant who has full authority and direct control of the Public Safety IT Coordinator, subject to any limitation set by the Chief of Police, the Services Division (SD) Commander, and/or departmental rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and general orders.
  • The primary responsibility of the Public Safety IT Coordinator is to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of the Department's records management and Dispatch console system (IMC), to ensure the availability of all electronic data contained within, and assist in maintaining all necessary files (electronic or otherwise) on criminal offenses and statistical information as may be determined necessary for the preparation of all reports required by the Department.
  • Secondary responsibilities include computer, server, and network administration and those duties as outlined in the ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES section of this document.  Other duties include assisting the Londonderry Fire Department with IT needs that fall outside the scope of the current contracted IT responsibilities.
  • The degree of proficiency required in the performance of the specific sections of duties which follow shall be determined by the Commanding Officer of the Services Division.


  • Develop and maintain IT related training materials, user guides, procedures, and policies.
  • Work directly with the Town's IT personnel when requiring additional assistance on computer software related issues, purchasing or exchanging IT equipment, reporting Internet or New World outages, or any other IT related items.
  • Work directly with the Town's GIS Manager to obtain map data (used for IMC Mapping and the P&S Book), building diagrams, and quarterly tax map list updates (used in Communications and by the Executive Secretary).
  • Work directly with the Town Clerk to obtain quarterly dog license updates (used by the Animal Control Officer and in Communications)
  • Develop a yearly Department IT budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year submitted to the Chief of Police.
  • Maintain, modify, and make additions as required to the Police Department's webpage found on the Town's Internet website.
  • Update, on a weekly basis, the Dispatch Logs page located on the Town's Internet website.


  • Perform such other duties as may be required and as assigned by the Chief of Police and/or Commanding Officer of the Services
  • May include assisting the Londonderry Fire Department with IT needs that fall outside the scope of the current contracted IT responsibilities.


  • Work is performed in an office environment, in cruisers, or at locations outside the grounds of the
  • Work may be performed under highly stressful conditions and/or with assigned deadlines.
  • The work involves extended periods of sitting, occasional standing and/or walking, light to moderate lifting of objects up to 10 to 25 pounds, and occasional heavy lifting.
  • Work effectively in a team environment
  • Be mentally and physically able to read, remember, interpret and understand all tasks associated with the functions of the Public Safety IT Coordinator
  • Be mentally and physically able to perform all duties associated with the position of the Public Safety IT Coordinator.
  • Be free of any mental illness, psychopathology or abnormal mental condition that could result in poor impulse control, dishonesty, inability to deal with job stress, immature or criminal behavior, and substance abuse
  • Possess sufficient general physical conditioning to perform physically demanding tasks with a minimum of difficulty and minimize the possibility of job related injuries, illness, and work-related disabilities
  • Have no serious criminal or motor vehicle violation record that would indicate a disrespect for the law, inadequate ethical standards, a tendency towards violence, dishonesty or criminal behavior, an inability or unwillingness to follow rules and regulations, an inability to safely operate a motor vehicle, or an inability to command public respect
  • Have a good reputation according to contemporary standards of the community among family, friends and acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, business associates and others as to honesty, fairness, patience, tolerance, financial responsibility, and respect for the rights and property of others that would be characteristic of a respectable public servant
  • Once experienced,  be able to train other employees to do the job, and evaluate their progress in learning
  • Be temperamentally, emotionally and intellectually suited to operate under highly structured conditions including taking detailed orders from superiors and following specific procedures, to operating unstructured situations with little or no supervision and making decisions involving a great deal of discretion and common sense.


Computer network infrastructure equipment including, but not limited to, servers, network switches and routers, desktop and laptop computers, printers, scanners, officer copiers, and other equipment related to the Public Safety IT Coordinator position .

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Jobs close at 11:59 PM (Eastern) on the deadline date specified, or when the position capacity has been met, or unless otherwise specified in the announcement. If the deadline date is not specified in the announcement, the agency has sole discretion on setting the deadline and jobs may close without notice. It is the applicant's responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the deadline requirements and capacity limits as outlined by the agency.

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