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Job Overview

Department Cheverly Police Department
Job TitleSergeant
Salary$79,030 - $85,543
Registration Fee$20.00
Location Cheverly, MD

Job Announcement

Cheverly Police Department, MD Police JobsCHEVERLY POLICE DEPARTMENT



(Patrol Supervisor) 


The Cheverly Police Department is seeking men and women that exhibit the characteristics of sound judgment, honesty, reliability, integrity, and the ability to blend the philosophy of community-oriented policing with a desire to best serve the interests of the residents of the Town of Cheverly. The typical duties of a patrol Sergeant include: enforcing the criminal and traffic laws of the State of Maryland, Prince George’s County, and the Code of the Town of Cheverly, problem solving, report writing, courtroom presentation, providing effective service to residents and supervisory duties. In exchange for these duties, police officers are offered a competitive salary, excellent benefits, tuition reimbursement and a $5,000 signing bonus. Shift work is required of all department employees.

Persons currently certified by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) are preferred. In addition, minority, female, and bi-lingual (English/Spanish) persons are strongly encouraged to apply. 


This level of police patrol or investigation requires sworn status to maintain the public peace, protect life and property, and enforce laws according to established department procedures as detailed in the General Orders Manual. The most significant aspect of this work is the direct supervision of subordinates in a manner that emphasizes fairness, attention to detail, instruction and guidance, and discipline as required. The Police Sergeant is a trainer, motivator, leader, and role model.

All Police Sergeants are responsible, on a rotating shift basis or staggered schedule as required, for enforcing statutes, laws, and regulations for which the Department is able to take appropriate action under stress.  The position of the Police Sergeant requires demonstrable knowledge and experience in the first-line supervision of immediate subordinates. Work performance is carefully monitored, reviewed and evaluated by the Operations Commander and the Chief of Police. 


Police vehicles; issued firearms and other essential police devices; radios; radar/lidar, bicycles, computers; some office equipment including telephones, copiers, and other related equipment.  The workplace is located throughout the jurisdiction of the Town.

GENERAL EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (illustrative only)

Police Sergeants must know and understand the job descriptions of all officer positions below their rank and have demonstrated proficiency throughout the general duties and responsibilities of those police officers.

Police Sergeants direct and supervise all personnel assigned to their patrol squads. Sergeants are responsible for their subordinate’s effective and efficient response to crimes committed in the Town; to crime scene discovery and preservation, including aid to the injured; for the identification of witnesses and the apprehension of criminals; for the recovery of stolen property and evidence; and, for traffic enforcement and accident investigation. Police Sergeants also ensure that subordinates maintain hours of duty in accordance with the needs of patrol and investigation; write/type reports that are comprehensive and submitted in a timely manner; and, attend court and administrative hearings as required. The Sergeant is responsible for the routine inspection of subordinate police personnel, equipment, and vehicles under a specific span of control; the inspection of all subordinates reports for accuracy and completeness; the collection and maintenance of payroll records for these same officers; and, for the submission and requisition of needed uniforms or equipment items for these officers.

Police Sergeants also recommend training and orientation programs fitted for the needs of probationary and inexperienced officers; issue instructions that address the daily needs of officers in patrol and that are calculated to address officer improvement in specific areas; that enhance the preparedness of veteran officers; and, that meet the training and in-service requirements of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission or similar administrative or governing law enforcement bodies. In addition to training, Sergeants are responsible for alerting their subordinates to crime trends, new and innovative law enforcement equipment and techniques, and structural and general changes to Department policies, regulations, and the dictates of the General Orders Manual.

Sergeants are also responsible for initiating programs that bring officers and Cheverly residents together in joint problem identification and resolution. Sergeants shall use Departmental programs as instruments to ensure that resident concerns are heard, acted upon, and that specifically address programs that are directed at the youth in the community. Sergeants shall also develop programs designed to promote citizen participation in crime prevention programs and deterrence initiatives.

Sergeants shall also act as the conduit for the sharing of general and specific law enforcement information between neighboring law enforcement agencies, local government and state regulatory agencies, and fire/EMS departments. Sergeants shall develop programs that foster cooperation between federal, state, county, and municipal agencies regarding crime, crime prevention, traffic management, directed patrol efforts, and joint inter-agency apprehension and deterrence initiatives.   


 In addition to the general duties listed above, the Sergeant is specifically responsible for rating or appraising subordinates under their control and for the investigation of disciplinary complaints and the presentation of findings. Regarding appraisals, Sergeant shall produce Performance Appraisals for all subordinates as required by the General Orders Manual and counsel employees as necessary. In addition to rating officers, Sergeant shall detail specifically what measures can be taken to improve performance and/or what training would be beneficial for the Department and the officer. When directed by the Chief of Police, Sergeants shall also be responsible for internal or disciplinary complaints as observed by them or as assigned by the Chief of Police. Such complaints may be related to conduct or performance and include the immediate investigation of departmental accidents involving Town vehicles.


Police Sergeants are required to show the physical strength to repel attacks, engage in both vehicular and foot pursuit of suspects, forcibly detain or handcuff persons under arrest or who are an immediate threat to the officer, forcibly carry a prisoner to a transport vehicle and/or an injured person away from an immediate threat and toward treatment.  The job of Police Sergeant can be physically demanding, and the requirements listed, by default, are not inclusive.

Sergeants must be able to communicate in English clearly and concisely, in both the written and spoken form and must be able to hear, understand, and issue and follow complex oral directions as well as intricate commands. Sergeants must be able to visually perform all required duties, able to stand, walk and/or run for prolonged periods of time; and work in confined spaces.  They must be able to transport themselves to and from various locations/ meetings.

Sergeants must have the ability to read and interpret Federal, State, County, Local and Motor Vehicle Laws; understand local government structure and functions and Departmental written directives (General Orders Manual, SOPs, etc.); have the ability to analyze emergency situations, apply first aid and/or request emergency rescue services; have the ability to apply principles to solve practical problems and analyze situations quickly, unemotionally, and objectively; have the ability to work independently; have the ability to complete routine forms and records, calculate fractions, decimals and percentages; have the ability to apply law enforcement methods and procedures, and take appropriate action as needed; have the ability to handle sensitive public contacts; have knowledge of self-defense; have the ability to effectively use standard police weapons; must have knowledge of Cheverly’s geography and street locations; be able to operate a motor vehicle under emergency conditions, and utilize police radios, radar, and other equipment.

Sergeants must have personal integrity; be attentive to detail; be emotionally stable, and physically fit.  Additionally, Sergeants must be available for special assignments or overtime as required.


EDUCATION: Must have attended and graduated from a Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission (MPCTC) approved Supervisor Academy (or a first line supervisor training program equivalent), a ten-day program for those recently promoted to first line supervisors.

ADDITIONAL DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: Some college or vocational courses related to business, computer technology, or finance.  Experience in law enforcement related fields; Court experience.  Computer/typing proficiency. Any training opportunity sponsored or approved by the MPCTC where elements of police supervision are taught or studied. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum of five years law enforcement experience with supervisory experience. 
  • U.S. Citizen
  • High School Graduate
  • 21 Years of Age at Certification
  • Possess a Valid Driver’ License


Selection Process

1. Completion and Submission of an Application and Personal History Statement
2. Oral Board Interview
3. Drug Screening
4. Polygraph Examination
5. Conditional Offer of Employment
6. Psychological Screening
7. Medical Examination
8. Background Investigation
9. Final Offer of Employment

Reasons for disqualification from the employment process may include (but are not limited to) the following: poor work history; poor driving record; felony conviction; illegal drug usage, including the purchase, sale, or distribution of drugs; falsification of employment documents; inability to complete any of the components of the background process; and/or any other disqualifying factor as determined by the Chief of Police.

Candidates may apply at For questions regarding the Recruitment Process, contact recruitment via email at, or via phone at 301-341-1055

The Town of Cheverly is an Equal Opportunity Employer without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability, political or union affiliation.

Jobs close at 11:59 PM (Eastern) on the deadline date specified, or when the position capacity has been met, or unless otherwise specified in the announcement. If the deadline date is not specified in the announcement, the agency has sole discretion on setting the deadline and jobs may close without notice. It is the applicant's responsibility to thoroughly read and understand the deadline requirements and capacity limits as outlined by the agency.

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