Tallahassee Police Department

Chief Lawrence Revell
Address 234 E 7th Ave
Tallahassee FL 32303
Website http://www.talgov.com/publicsafety/tpd.aspx

About the Tallahassee Police Department

The Tallahassee Police Department is driven by our core values - Trust, Loyalty , and Commitment. Our values will be incorporated into policy and training. Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment will be the driving force behind recruitment, selection, hiring, and promotions. These principles will provide the basis for decision-making for all personnel at TPD. They demand a higher level of accountability than law and policy. Our values mandate that our decisions are based on what we should do, not what we can do.

Embracing our values will ensure TPD’s policing is about the citizens of Tallahassee. Everyone at TPD is here to provide service to our community. All members, sworn and civilian, have a responsibility to treat people with respect, show compassion, and protect the rights of all people. Each day, our actions will reinforce that we earned the privilege to work at TPD and that we will continue to earn that privilege.

TPD has a responsibility to our city to deliver proactive community policing strategies, thorough and impartial investigations, and accurate documentation regarding our actions. All TPD’s members have an obligation to critically evaluate how TPD performs , identify areas of improvement, and recommend solutions. We will be accountable to the community and each other to ensure that we use our resources efficiently and deliver the best service possible.

We are committed to accomplishing these goals!

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