Saco Police Department

Chief J. Clements
Address 20 Storer Street
Saco ME 04072


Mission Statement: “With dedication, pride, and commitment, we serve in partnership with our community.”
Vision Statement: "To be the safest community through professional and compassionate policing."
Values: Professionalism, Accountability, Compassion, and Trust


The Saco Police Department Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is presently staffed by one supervisor who holds the rank of Sergeant, two Detectives, and a Support Technician. The primary task of the CID is the investigation of all criminal activity that has impact on the City of Saco and its citizens. A majority of the these activities involve the investigation of property crimes and related offenses but also may consist of conducting proactive investigations while working in conjunction with or assisting other police agencies.



The patrol division is the foundation of the Saco Police Department. Nearly all citizen contact with the Police Department starts with and often times is exclusively with the Patrol Division. The patrol officer is the first officer to respond to calls for assistance and is the officer who is visible in the community to render aid and help to make the community safer.

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