North Reading Police Department

Chief Michael Murphy
Address 152 Park Street
North Reading MA 01864
Phone (978) 664-3131

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Reading Police Department is to work with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, assist in providing a safe and healthy environment to live and work, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment. This mission will be accomplished by providing dedicated police officers of high integrity, trustworthiness, morals and commitment, who are caring positive role models working to establish strong partnerships between the community, it’s residents and the North Reading Police Department.


Values Statement

The core beliefs of the North Reading Police Department are:

  • •To be positive role models for each other, other law enforcement agencies and our community by being beyond reproach establishing high ethical standards that foster trust, integrity, high morals, dedication to service, high performance and hard work.
  • •To create a work environment that meets employee and community expectations, that nurtures and encourages innovation and creativity, provides a safe, effective and efficient atmosphere where all employees are respected, treated fairly and consistently and communicate openly and honestly with each other.
  • •To continuously analyze community and societal needs, police functions and jobs to ensure that our employees receive the proper training and education to do their jobs with confidence, skill and a high degree of professionalism. In addition, training and education opportunities will be made available, when possible, to increase employee satisfaction and career development opportunities.
  • •To work diligently toward developing a public perception that the North Reading Police Department and its employees are visionaries, valuable assets and community leaders.
  • •To consistently analyze the needs and wants of our community, proactively solve problems that impact the quality of life in our community and to establish long and short term goals and objectives to accomplish these tasks.
  • •To evaluate and provide proactive programs to our residents, that promote understanding of the departments roles and responsibilities, a foundation for establishing community partnerships and provide prevention education and alternative youth activities.
  • •To hold ourselves to high performance standards and levels of accountability that are continuously monitored and reviewed to ensure that objectives are met and remain challenging and worthwhile.
  • •Finally, to establish the public perception that members of the North Reading Police Department care about the residents of North Reading by believing in our mission, philosophies, vision, and values statement and doing the right thing.

Police Divisions

The North Reading Police Department is broken up into three main divisions and several specialty units. |

Administrative Division:
The Administrative Division assists the Chief of Police with overall control of the functions of the North Reading Police Department. The Division manages 32 Full-time sworn officers; 2 sworn Reserve Officers; 1 Special Police Constables; 4 Cell Matrons; 5 Crossing Guards; and volunteer personnel.

Detective Division: The Detective Division is responsible for obtaining, preserving, and analyzing physical evidence for eventual court presentation, and for assisting in the development, techniques and procedures for effective crime search. This unit will also provide identification and photography.

Patrol Division: The patrol force is responsible for directed, selective, and general patrol duties. Officers are sworn to enforce Massachusetts criminal law, applicable town by-laws, Federal Laws, serve criminal process, arrest law breakers, conduct preliminary investigations, execute warrants, and use force and deadly force when necessary to preserve life and to ensure the civil right safeguards guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Massachusetts Constitution.


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