Muscogee County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Donna Tompkins
Address 100 10th Street
Columbus GA 31901
Phone 706-653-4225

Current Openings

Open Jobs Salary Deadline
Muscogee County Sheriff's Office - Correctional Officer $36,567 - $39,900 Mar 2, 2021

About the Sheriff's Office - Mission Statement

We, the members of the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office, are dedicated to safeguarding the lives and property of our community through fair and impartial treatment of all citizens. We strive to protect the community and to operate the Muscogee County Jail within the boundaries of the State and U. S. Constitutions while providing a safe, humane, and secure environment for both the staff and the inmates. We are committed to effectively serving the Judiciary needs of all of the Courts within our jurisdiction. We seek to strengthen our partnerships with all facets of our community and will fulfill our duties by adapting to the changing needs of our citizens and by adhering to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism when performing our duties as employees of the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office.

Core Values

As a leader in the Sheriff's Office, I commit myself to honorably perfrom my duties with respect for the dignity of all people, integrity to do what is right, courage to fight what is wrong, and wisdom to apply common sense and fairness.

Every officer serves with:

•  Loyalty •  Duty •  Respect
•  Honor •  Integrity •  Courage

Our Customers

The public we serve is the customer for the services we provide. As with any business, we value and respect the needs of our customers and continuously strive to provide them with public safety services in an effective, efficient and timely manner. We are a public service agency staffed by professionals. Our presence in the community helps provide a sense of safety and well being for our customers. Our conduct earns us respect and admiration by the law-abiding citizens as well as the law violators.

Responsibilities of the Sheriff

As a Law Enforcement Officer
The sheriff has the Responsibility of Protecting Life and Property and Preserving the Public Peace. This includes all law enforcement functions associated with those endeavors. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in Muscogee County.

As an Officer of the Court
In addition to providing physical security in the courtrooms and building, the sheriff must serve as Bailiff to the Superior Court, or designate deputies to serve in that capacity. Bailiff duties include escorting juries to the courtroom, and if requested to do so, to their meals and hotel rooms. Bailiffs otherwise attend to the needs of the jury, and guard them against outside influences. The sheriff is charged with serving all court summonses, including subpoenas and civil process papers. In addition, the sheriff must execute all court-ordered levies on property to satisfy judgments- in court actions. The sheriff is also responsible for the transportation of mentally ill residents of his county to mental health emergency facilities.

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