Albany Police Department

Chief Michael J. Persley
Address 201 West Oglethorpe Boulevard
Albany GA 31702
Phone 229-431-2100


The Albany Police Department is divided into four bureaus which are accountable to the Office of the Chief of Police: 

  • •Administrative Bureau
  • •Uniform Bureau
  • •Criminal Investigations Bureau
  • •Support Services Bureau



Under the direction of the Chief of Police and the Assistant Chief of Police, the Administrative Bureau is comprised of three sections: The Office of the Chief, the Office of Professional Standards which includes Planning and Research and Crime Analysist, and the Dougherty Drug Unit.


The Office of the Chief includes staff and supervisors necessary for effective command, control, accountability, management, and administration of the department. Included in the Office of the Chief are the Chief of Police, the Assistant Chief of Police, an Administrative Assistant, Public Information Office, Fiscal Management, Human Resources, and Recruitment.


The Uniform Bureau is the largest of the four bureaus in the Albany Police Department. The men and women assigned to this bureau are the front line in the department’s efforts to detect and deter crime.

  • The  Uniform Bureau is managed by a Major and Captains oversee the day to day operations.
  • 12-hour shifts are supervised by Lieutenants and Sergeants.
  • 15-beats  are divided into three districts , east, central and west, and are patrolled by corporals and patrol officers.  


The Bureaus is subdivided into the following sections:

  • •Patrol
  • •Special Operations
  • •Gang Unit
  • •Animal Control


The primary purpose of the Criminal Investigations Bureau is to investigate those crimes which require detailed attention or further investigation. The Criminal Investigations Bureau is organized into two shifts including on call detectives. 

The Bureau is comprised of personnel from the following specialty areas:

  • •Persons Crimes 
  • •Property Crimes 
  • •Crime Scene Unit


The function of the Support Service Bureau includes the processing, the maintaining, and the retrieval of reports and criminal records in accordance with the laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.

Support Services is responsible for the department’s records section, Information Desk/Telephone Incident Reporting System (TIRS), Fleet management, Quartermasters, Building Maintenance

  • •Telephone Incident Report System
  • •Fleet Management
  • •Records/GCIC
  • •Quartermasters
  • •Property and Evidence Management
  • •Training 


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